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Congratulations to Mrs Bartlett and her team of elves for their Second Place win in the PPG Gingerbread House contest!

911 Remembrance

In observance of Patriot Day, our students gathered in the courtyard around the St Philip 911 Flag, said the Pledge of Allegiance, and listened to the story of our flag:
When the events of  911 happened, the children and parents at St Philip School felt great sympathy for the children who lived in New York and lost family members. They wanted to do something to show their support. The PTG constructed a large flag from bed sheets. They then organized the children in long lines to place their handprints on the flag in rows to form the stars and stripes. As the children waited their turns, they prayed for the victims of the tragedy. The handprints of the teachers and staff of St. Philip School were also included with Fr. Walt's print unintentionally forming a dove. After its display in church for the weekend Masses, the flag was to be sent to one of the New York fire companies.  A New Yorker, heard about the flag and asked to take it to his parish that had lost several parishioners on September 11. The Flag was accepted with gratitude by the children in the New York Parish school, many of whom tried to find handprints on the flag that matched their own. This flag traveled to many of the Catholic Schools in New York whose families were affected by the tragedy as well as to the Vatican, England, and Japan. The flag is special because it brought  a sense of caring and comfort to both those who sent it and to those who received it.
The children then said a decade of the Rosary for those who were lost and their families and concluded with the singing of  God Bless America and silent entry into the school.
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