All A's


Congratulations to the following students who earned Highest Honors The 1st Quarter:
Grade 5

Malley Aiello, Dominick Chiconella, Kaleigh Costantino, Alysha Cutri, Katelyn Hoff,  MacJohnson,  Lauren Kirsch, Audrey Wrabley

Grade 6

Nevan Crossey, Ross Gardner, Matthew Mell, Carmen Worrall, Ella Wrabley

Grade 7
Linda Ashby, Brendan Callahan, Emily Costantino, Anne Kubiak, Andalushia Reilly

Grade 8
Corinne McDevitt, Briana Patterson, Julia Sarnowski     


Forensics Win!!!


St Philip Palced 3rd at the SWPFL Tournament held at St Philip on November 15. Congratulations to all the participants. Results were as follows. Poetry - Carmen Worrall 1st& 2nd, Prose - Nevan Crossey- 1st& 2nd, Emily Costantino-2nd & 3rd, Drama- Janneselle Umalin & Ana Bergstedt - 2 1sts, Nyla Betts - 2 2nds, Declamation- Lauren Clutter-2 1sts, Abby Aiello Arabella Sargent- 1st& 2nd, Extemp - Andalushia Reilly - 2nd & 3rd, Impromptu - Zoe Koutavas& Annie Kubiak - 1st& 2nd, Multiple Reading - Madie Hoff, Corinne McDevitt, Nicole Snyder - 2 1sts, Liam Carnahan, Liam Clutter, Declan Reilly, Mac Johnson - 2nd & 3rd.

Special Thank yous  to all of our parents. We received many compliments on our food and hospitality. Everyone from breakfast helpers to lunch servers to salad and dessert makers to judges and the cleanup crew were fantastic. Your hard work and generous spirit are greatly appreciated. A great job was also done by our High School Judges Adrianne Kubiak and Aidan Crossey and our alternates. Brennan Hipkiss, Julia Balobeck, Haley Thompson, and Danny Begg who ere invaluable as guides and runners.

Dictionary Day


St. Philip 3rd graders were the proud recipients of their very own dictionaries as part of a special project sponsored by the Crafton-Ingram Rotary. Through the Dictionary Project, over 19 million children have received a dictionary thanks to the generosity of sponsors who have participated in the Dictionary Project.  The goal of this program is to assist all students in completing the school year as good writers, active readers and creative thinkers by providing students with their own personal dictionary. The dictionaries are a gift to each student to use at school and at home for years to come. The Crafton – Ingram Rotary, an organization of business and community leaders in our area, is the local sponsor of the Dictionary Project and members  personally came to St. Philip School to present the dictionaries and encourage the children to develop good reading and writing habits.
The goal of this program is to assist all students in becoming good writers, active readers, creative thinkers, and resourceful learners by providing them with their own personal dictionary. The dictionaries are a gift to each student to use at school and at home for years to come. Educators see third grade as the dividing line between learning to read and reading to learn, so we encourage our sponsors to give dictionaries each year to children in the third grade.

Gingerbread School


See our beautiful St Philip School "ginger school" at the12th Annual Gingerbread House Display/Competition and Train Display November 21, 2014 through January 7, 2015
Wintergarden Don’t miss this magnificent display of delicious dwellings created by area individuals, organizations, senior citizens, students and chefs. Local artist Don Jones enhances the exhibit with a unique display of trains from his private collection.There is no charge for admission. Donations are collected in the PPG Place Wintergarden for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Free Care Fund.


Alumni Honors


At the annual Honors Convocation, the following St Philip alumni were honored for excellence during the 2013-2014 School Year:
·      Maintaining High Honors all 4 quarters: Julian Bonds, Madison Byerly, Harrison Klein, Joseph Kretz, Ana Petrak, Sara Szymanski, Ryley Tarasi, Kevin Costantino, Lauren Kanavy, Ashley Mell, Matthew Tutsock, Bailey Burgess, Sarah McKnight, Colin Scanlon, Mark Shorthouse, Michael Szabo, Katrina Zientarski

·      Achieving High Honors 1, 2, or 3 quarters – Sydney Bonds, Sarah Green, Alyssa Smith, Nicole Carey, Justin Dix, Caitlin Donahue, Virginia Haseleu Erin Joyce, Joel Patterson, Margaret Aiello, Adrianne Kubiak, Ross Langford.

·      Maintaining Honors all 4 quarters: Karlee Killen

·      President’s Volunteer Service Award- Adrianne Kubiak

·      Westinghouse Science Institute-Margaret Aiello

·      ACE Mentoring Program Best Presentation-Michael Szabo

·      2nd Place Bethel Park Invitational Tournament – Lauren Kanavy, Harrison Klein, Adrianne Kubiak Ajay Tandom Award – Adrianne Kubiak, Catholic National Tournament – Lauren Kanavy

·      Art Awards – Alyssa Smith, Sara Szymanski, Lauren Kanavy, Sarah McKnight 

·      Algebra I – Sara Szymanski

·      Algebra II- Julian Bonds, Ana Petrak 

·      Statistics – Katrina Zientarski 

·      Honors English- Harrison Klein, Ana Petrak

·      Honors American Life – Lauren Kanavy

·      Religion – Julian Bonds, Harrison Klein, Lauren Kanavy

·       Honors Biology – Harrison Klein

·      Social Studies – Harrison Klein, Lauren Kanavy

·      Spanish I – Madison Byerly, Harrison Klein

·      Spanish II – Kevin Costantino

·      French III- Katrina Zientarski

·      St Ignatius Program – Julian Bonds, Harrison Klein, Joseph Kretz, Ana Petrak, Kevin Costantino, Lauren Kanavy, Ashley Mell, Margaret Aiello, Bailey Burgess, Adrianne Kubiak Sarah McKnight, Katrina Zientarski

·      National Honor Society – Margaret Aiello, Bailey Burgess, Adrianne Kubiak, Sarah McKnight, Katrina Zientarski

Highest Quality Point Average – Class of 2017

Harrison Klein


Hot Turkeys


The November session of Craft Club had a Thanksgiving theme. The student created  handy turkey shaped pot holders. They will be welcome  guests in the kitchen Thanksgiving morning.
Learning about landforms is fun when your teacher breaks out the Play-doh!  Culminating a study of landforms, second grade students used Play-doh to show their knowledge of properties of landforms.  Given a landform name, students were challenged to build a representation of the landform out of Play-doh.  They then challenged a peer to determine which landform was displayed in dough such as a mountain, valley, or plain.  Some students even expanded on the topic and formed rivers and lakes to add to their friends' landform displays. 

New SPS students? Nah, just the cafeteria staff in their Halloween costumes.  They even remembered their backpacks.  Always preparing delicious treats, never tricks, the staff is such an asset to our school.  Thank you to Mrs. Panza, Mrs. Bannon, and Mrs. Bliss for the yummy lunches and caring hearts!

Think you are the only one who goes to school and does homework? Well, you are not alone.  Teachers go to school too!  Whether it is an in-service day when students are home enjoying a day off, or on a weekend through a professional organization, teachers are always learning!  Looking to improve strategies, learn with the latest technology, and further student achievement, teachers enjoy learning from their peers.  By taking advantage of opportunities both locally and through programs utilizing distance learning, SPS teachers strive to bring the new approaches to their classrooms each day.