7th Graders are learning to follow the Scientific Method by using red cabbage juice as an indicator for acids and bases. They look like real scientists!

Got Net?


The Girls' Volleyball team is off to a great start this year. The President of SPAA, Mr Aiello, says they a " improving with every match". Greta Job girls - keep it going!!!
Mrs. Panza and her staff work diligently to plan and prepare balanced and healthy lunches.  Recently, they prepared a display for the students to illustrate a healthful lunch.  Asking, "Does your tray look like these?", the sample trays prove that there are a plethora of choices available to students each day.  Fruits and vegetables are fresh and available to students on a daily basis.  Even at the ala carte stand, healthy choices like salsa, low fat yogurt, cheese sticks and whole grain cookies abound.  Check out the school website or contact Mrs. Panza for more information on the school lunch program. 
St. Philip School hosted Boy Scout Day on Friday, September 12, 2014.  The boys currently in an area Cub Scout and Boy Scout Program had the special privilege of wearing their uniforms to school to show their pride in Scouting organizations.A member from council came to speak to all boys in grades 1-8 at lunch times to promote this great service oriented program. St. Philip is proud to  be a great supporter of scouting!

911 Remembrance


On September 11, our school children held a remembrance prayer service. Our 8th graders were only infants when 911 occurred so none of the students has actual memories of the event. However, they showed both their compassion and their patriotism with their recitation of the Rosary, singing of America the Beautiful, and reverent unfurling of the school’s 911 Flag made from the handprints of the St Philip student and faculty at that sad time. The flag has traveled internationally and particularly to the schools in New York City whose students were most affected by the tragedy. It hangs in Church to remind all of us to pray for peace.
The first All School Liturgy of the year celebrated the Birthday of the Blessed Mother. Fr Walt encouraged the children to learn from  Mary's example to follow whatever God calls them to do in life. The children kicked off the 100 Angels of service for the Centennial by collecting canned goods for the St Vincent de Paul Society's food bank and were reminded by Sr.Gerri to practice their Angelway virtues and they move through the school day. New students and teachers in the school were recognized and called forward to receive their Angel pins.
The Girls' Cross Country team is off to a great start. At our home meet, Ana Bergstedt took first place while Maddie Hoff, Lauren Clutter, Ashley Hudson, and Rose Fischer finished 6, 8, 11, 12 respectively. Great going!!!

The St Philip Step In  anti- bullying program got off to a great start this year with a lively program by Josh and Gabby. The pair delivered powerful messages about the effects of bullying and how to deal with bullies through songs, music and rap. The duo told of their own experiences with bullies
and set one incident with a bully challenging a  friend of Josh's to a fight at 9:00 behind the JackRabbit at Kennywood to music. The children responded enthusiastically to the energetic performance with thoughtful answers to the questions posed to them about bullying. They also eagerly joined into the pair's finale,a rendition of I Won't Be a Bully. The students thank Mrs. Gamble and the PTG for making this fantastic experience possible!

 St. Philip Grad takes high score on BC placement test
In all, EIGHT St. Philip grads make Top 20!
Congratulations to recent Saint Philip School graduate Kasey Kaczorowski for winning the Father Leo Henry Scholarship from Bishop Canevin High school.  Named in honor of Fr. Leo Henry, BC's first Headmaster, the scholarship is awarded yearly to the one boy and the one girl who achieve the highest score on the Bishop Canevin Placement test. Kasey won a $4,500 scholarship . Congratulations Kasey!!! 
 In addition, of the top 20 highest scorers on the test, 8 of them hail from our recent St. Philip class.  Congratulations to:   Andres Recalde, Charles Rakaczky, Kasey Kaczorowski, Michael Kanavy, Michael Gardner, Logan Hipkiss, Brianna Caridi and Michael Kirsch.  The 2014-15 incoming BC freshman class hails from 24 separate Catholic, public, cyber and charter grade schools.  This is quite an achievement for St. Philip and speaks highly of the quality of our students, families, teachers and staff.