St. Philip Grad takes high score on BC placement test
In all, EIGHT St. Philip grads make Top 20!
Congratulations to recent Saint Philip School graduate Kasey Kaczorowski for winning the Father Leo Henry Scholarship from Bishop Canevin High school.  Named in honor of Fr. Leo Henry, BC's first Headmaster, the scholarship is awarded yearly to the one boy and the one girl who achieve the highest score on the Bishop Canevin Placement test. Kasey won a $4,500 scholarship . Congratulations Kasey!!! 
 In addition, of the top 20 highest scorers on the test, 8 of them hail from our recent St. Philip class.  Congratulations to:   Andres Recalde, Charles Rakaczky, Kasey Kaczorowski, Michael Kanavy, Michael Gardner, Logan Hipkiss, Brianna Caridi and Michael Kirsch.  The 2014-15 incoming BC freshman class hails from 24 separate Catholic, public, cyber and charter grade schools.  This is quite an achievement for St. Philip and speaks highly of the quality of our students, families, teachers and staff.

High Honors: Julian Bonds, Bailey Burgess, Kelly Burgess, Madison Byerly, Kevin Costantino, Brad Davis , Caitlin Donahue, Virginia Haseleu, Mary Hicks, Erin Joyce ,Lauren Kanavy, Allison Killen, Harrison Klein, Joseph Kretz, , Hanna Lamm, Ross Langford, Ashlee Mankowski, Sarah McKnight, Zachary McKnight, Ashley Mell, Zachary Mell, Julie Mozelewski, Anastasia Petrak, Colin Scanlon, Mark Shorthouse, Alyssa Smith, Michael Szabo, Mark Szymanski, Sara Szymanski, Cal Tarasi, Ryley Tarasi, Matthew Tutsock, Katrina Zientarski

Honors: Margaret Aiello, Zachary Balobeck, Sydney Bonds, Nicole Carey, Justin Dix Maria Donnelly, Sarah Green, , Karlee Killen, Adrianne Kubiak , Joel Patterson, Lindsey Pawlos, Alexis Pilch, Shannon Rauterkus,Jonathan Shar, Jordan Spadafora

Honors:  Joshua Carlini, Andrew McDevitt

Highest Honors: Colleen Donohue, Shaughn McDonald,                                                       Luke Rattay 

Thank you to everyone who turned out to give
St Philip School a great representation at the Crafton Celebrates Parade!

Congratulations to the following students who had the distinction of earning all A's for the entire year:
5th Grade - Matthew Mell
                    Ella Wrabley
6th Grade - Linda Ashby
                    Brandyn Brock
                    Nathan Kirsch
                    Andalushia Reilly
                    Janneselle Umalin
7th Grade - Corinne McDevitt
The June GRACE program celebrating Belief in God was presented by Grades 1 and 2 in conjunction with the end of the year Mass.. The students demonstrated how Creation helps them to believe in God and they made and gave rosaries to all of our students to remind them to pray a decade of the Rosary every day to show and strengthen their Belief in God. Fr Walt gave a summer blessing and the students returned to school and donut treats sponsored by the PTG.
Members of our  SPS volleyball team spent the last 3 nights at Bishop Canevin's Volleyball Camp. Volleyball hopefuls Kaleigh Costantino, Meghan McCoy, Kiya Grivalsky, Shannon Neill,Bella DeMark,Malley Aiello,Andalusia Reilly,Lauren Clutter, Brianna Patterson,Julia Balobeck, Emily Costantino, Annie Kubiak, Kasie Gamrod spent time brushing up on fundamentals  in hopes of having a great season next fall.

Arts and Bots


Our 7th and 8th grade students participated in a special program from Carnegie Mellon University called Arts and Bots which allows students to combine craft materials and robotic components to build and animate their own robotic creations.  Almost anything that can be made with paper, paint and cardboard can be animated.  Using a specially designed software program called Create Labs Visual Programmer and a kit, called Hummingbird which consists of a customized control board along with a variety of lights, sensors and motors that can be connected to the controller without soldering, the project
engages students in the fundamentals of computer programming. Students program their creations with an easy-to-learn, drag-and-drop environment that requires no prior programming experience.

"We want students to become inventors of technology rather than users of technology," said CMU Robotics Professor Illah Nourbakhsh, whose CREATE Lab developed Hummingbird for Arts & Bots. The project was launched with the help of the Heinz Endowments to explore how to foster interest in technology at the middle school level, particularly among girls. "Studies have shown that when they enter middle school, boys and girls are equally interested in robots," Nourbakhsh But three years later, it's very different, with interest down dramatically among girls.

Tom Lauwers, who earned his doctorate in robotics in Nourbakhsh's lab and now heads BirdBrain Technologies, said Hummingbird nicely ties into the increasingly popular "maker movement," the do-it-yourself approach to technology. As with other "makers," students using Hummingbird get hooked on the idea that they can use technology to make all sorts of things, he added.
(information taken from the Arts and Bots Website article "From Crafts to Bots)

Links to view some of our Bots in action:





Rockets Red Glare


Just before Graduation, the 8th grade rocketeers took their creations to the launch pad. They had a great time watching the launches and competing for distance bragging rights!!