Third grade learned about the Stations of the Cross this Lent by creating each Station in a Shadow Box. Their efforts produced a beautiful devotional display.
Thank you to the PTG for a fabulous time at the Skating Party. Special thanks to Mrs Callahan and her committee for making this such a wonderful event.

Science Bowl


Our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students participated in a Science Quiz Bowl on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at  Robert Morris  University. The event is the senior project of Moon High School Senior Elizabeth Michalenko and is an investigation of the effects of science competitions on student achievement. For the practical part of the project, she created a Science Bowl Competition for Catholic Elementary Schools in the area.  While attending St. James School she experienced firsthand the benefits of extracurricular science competitions. Her participation in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science in grades 7 and 8 sparked my interest in science that persists to this day. She wanted to   create a similarly meaningful and fun experience for Catholic middle school students that will motivate them to learn more about science.

Congratulations to the following student who represented our school: Nevan Crossey, Matthew Mell, Michael Seitz, Janneselle Umalin, Nathan Kirsch, Linda Ashby, Andalushia Reilly, and Carmen Worrall.  Congratulations to Linda, Andalushia, and Carmen  who made to the Final round.
The winning streak for the Boys' JV team continues!! They were the winners of the Northside Catholic Tournament this weekend. Congratulations to all the team members but especially Nevan Crossey and Dante Spadafora who were chosen for the 5 man All StarTeam from the tournament.

Carson Scholars


Congratulations to St Philip 8th Grader  Briana Patterson who was named a Carson Scholar. Briana will receive a $1,000 scholarship award that will be invested for his college education. She will also receive a medal and certificate and will be honored at Awards banquet on Sunday, May 24,  2015.
Briana is among a group of over 4,200 students from around the country to be selected as a Carson Scholar. Academic achievements and community service make them stand out as future leaders.
7th grader
Janneselle Umalin will renew the award she received last year at the event


Design Lives Here


Our 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Thinking Caps students are e participating in the Design Lives Here Program sponsored by WQED and the Engineering Society of Western Pennsylvania. The project endeavors to introduce Middle School students to Engineering as a career. The participants will complete 4 engineering projects with the help of a mentor from the Engineering Society and will create an Invention to present at Inventionland on May 1st. They will "pitch" their inventions,which must be in the categories of Kitchen, Outdoor, Sports, Vehicles/Transportation, Wearbles, Pets,  and Toys,  much like contestants do on Shark Tank  
So far, the students have built a "highrise" to withstand  a "hurricane" winds from a fan and a lunar lander that can safely and comfortably land astronauts on the moon from paper, marshmallows, straws, and index cards.


Label Wizards


We are pleased to announce that our fourth grade class are our winners for the Labels for Education contest!  They were awarded a dress down day for today and the Labels for Education Leprechaun brought them a delicious doughnut and some other St. Patrick’s day themed prizes. So our lucky grade was our Fourth Graders.  All SPS families really came out in support of this contest. I am excited to report that every grade was represented in the collection.  We had a lot of entries that final week. The winning SPS family was the Komoroski family who literally trimmed thousands of labels for our school!  Please be sure to continue sending your trimmed labels into the school.  We learned in January that the Labels for Education program will be ending in July.  The goal of our committee is to send two large shipments in by the end of May.  This way there is time for the shipments to be received and the credit processed to our account.  Mrs. Huth will use the credits to purchase items for our school – at the start of the year she wanted a new computer.  I have been making this my goal.  Ask friends, ask family and trim, trim trim!  If you have any questions, please call Amy Spezialetti 412-779-7047 or email       
The 5th grade girls basketball team WON the St. John Bosco March Madness tournament today! Thanks to Coaches Bob Costantino & Colin Wrabley. Thanks to 5th grade teachers Mrs. Sanders & Mr. Aiello for coming to cheer the girls on today! Thanks to Paige Smith & Trinity Anselm for playing up from the 4th grade team.
Congratulations players: Alysha Cutri, Katie Hoff, Nikki Szabo, Kaleigh Costantino, Kiya Grivalsky, Emily Schuck, Lauren Kirsch, Bella DeMark, Audrey Wrabley, Paige Smith and Trinity Anselm

Congratulations to our Boys' JV Basketball Team who were crowned Catholic JV League 2014-2015 Class "B" Diocesan Champs in a big victory over St Joseph in Verona. Team members Include: Turner Ciak, Carmen Worrall, Danny Begg, Turner Anselm, Brennan Hipkiss, Ross Gardner, Michael Smith, Gage Keefe, Nevan Crossey, Dante Spadafora, and Nicholas Ratliff

Third grade has been working hard learning about our government. We started out by working earlier in the year on naming the town our school is in, the city we are closest to, our state, country, and the continent we live on. We have been using those to discuss the basics of our local, state, and national government. To help practice this information, we have completed a few activities including government trees to highlight the three "branches" of the national government. Along with our textbook, we have utilized other stories to help us learn more. Soon we will begin doing our very own President Research Reports using books, the internet, and our iPads.