Congratulations to the following students who have received certificates for excellence in the Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Contest :
Kindergarten - Lienna Bassano
1st Grade -  Kevin Wang
2nd Grade - Mia Spezialetti
3rd Grade -  Ashley Boehm
4th Grade -  Katrina Komoroski
5th Grade -  Lauren Kirsch
6th Grade -  Ella Wrabley
7th Grade -  Annie Kubiak
8th Grade -  Shelby Thewes

Their handwriting samples will join thousands of other entries from across the nation to compete to be Sate Grade Level Winners, National Grade-Level Semi Finalsts, and Grand National Grade-Level Champions.
Congratulations to the following students who earned all A's in the Second Quarter:
Grade 5 -
, Malley Aiello, Kaleigh Costantino, Alysha Cutri, Katelyn Hoff,  Maclaen Johnson,  Lauren Kirsch, Audrey Wrabley

Grade 6-
Ross Gardner,  Matthew Mell, Carmen Worrall, Ella Wrabley,

Grade 7 -
Linda Ashby, Emily Costantino,  Anne Kubiak,  Andalushia Reilly,  Janneselle Umalin

Grade 8-
Corinne McDevitt,  Briana Patterson, Julia  Sarnowski  

First Grade read a story,Johnny Appleseed, in Reading. We cut apples and put them into a crockpot to cook. Then we ate our yummy applesauce
SPS alum, Jessica Rea and her classmate Megan Giza conducted a Health and Wellness program for the K-4th grade students.  As their senior project, the young ladies presented a wonderful activity for each grade level individually focusing on basics of human nutrition, physical activity, and mental well being. Sponsored by Party City, Barnes and Noble and WalMart, the interactive and engaging programs were tailored to each grade level and even offered a chance to win some fabulous prizes.  These students can be proud of their hard work and we can be proud of our alums!
Congratulations to the following SPS alumni who were recognized on the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Honor Roll for the 2nd Quarter:
Jodie Mulcahey         High Honors
Andrew McDevitt     High Honors
Luke Rattay               Highest Honors

Congratulations to the following SPS alumni who were recognized on the Oakland Catholic Honor Roll for the 2nd Quarter:
Margaret Begg             Highest  Honor
Hope Grefenstette       Highest Honor
                                              Maggie Leone              Highest Honor
                                              Erin Sheedy                 Highest Honor
                                              Maura Sheedy              Highest Honor
                                              Maggie Gallegos          High Honor

Congratulations to the following SPS alumni who were recognized on the Central Catholic Honor Roll for the 2nd Quarter:
Eric Ashby               High Honors
Joseph Feola           High Honors
James Hurley          High Honors
Jordan Gallegos      Honors


Think First


The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders had the opportunity to meet with Think First program representative from Children's Hospital. Think First encourages students to protecting their good health by thinking before they engage in dangerous activity. Mr Carlin stressed the need to wear helmets while riding bikes and skateboards and wear seat belts when riding in vehicles. He showed the children a video that showed various situations such as diving into shallow water, crossing streets without looking both ways, and incorrectly boarding school buses. He also demonstrated the protection to the brain and spinal cord that helmets provide. Mr Carlin will return in the spring to discuss more safety issues with the children.

Little Mermaid


Thank you to the PTG for arranging the wonderful performance of the Little Mermaid from the  Gemini Theater Company. The children loved the interactive nature of the program and joined in the songs and dances enthusiastically in addition to learning about the need to keep our oceans clean.

CSW Mass


Our Catholic Schools Week Mass was prepared by the 4th grade. Fr Walt reminded the students of all the people who worked to establish and help grow St Philip Parish and School. He pointed out how different life was 100 years ago and even 175 years ago and how many challenges those people had to overcome. At the end of Mass, under the direction of Mr Miller, the children sang and recorded the school song.