September was Bear Month in 1st Grade. Each student brought in one of his or her favorite bears. The children did a Math activity sorting bears, made a bear quilt and bear hats that hugged their heads, went on a bear hunt, and decorated bear cookies. It was a "Beary" exciting month!

Battle News


Mr Fischer's 8th grade Social Studies class found a great way to learn about Civil War battles. They imagined themselves to be newspaper reporters living at the time of the Civil War, researched details of various battles, and wrote articles for their "newspaper" patrons about the outcomes.
Congratulations to the following students who will take on the responsibilities of Student Council Officers:

President                     Madelyn Hoff
Vice President             Briana Patterson
Secretary                    Andalushia Reilly
Treasurer                    Aidan Wrabley
Public Relations         Janneselle Umalin
Community Service    Corinne McDevitt

Homeroom Representatives:
6A: James Benke and Ella Wrabley
6B: Abby Aiello and Turner Anselm
7A: Julia Balobeck and Maeve Callahan
8A: Hope Kelly and Michael Seitz
8B: Coulton Gaitens and Patty Maloy


Defend us!

The 2A students are enjoying a week of Angels as we celebrate the feasts of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael as well as the Guardian Angels this week.  Real life superheroes, stories of the brave and faithful angels inspire the children to emulate their willingness to say yes to God.  Perhaps you saw the St. Michaels flying down the Angel Way at dismissal? The statues, made reverently by each child, will "fly" above the beds of the children at home, to bring protection and strength. 
The 8th grade paid a visit to the Pre-k students to introduce themselves and read stories with them. Each 8th grader was paired with a 4 year old "lamb"to be his or her "shepherd" for the year. The students will do projects together and get to know each other during the course of the school year.
The 8th graders are hoping that the Pre-K students will take their places in St Philip School when they graduate in June.

Kindergarten celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day.  They learned apple facts, painted with apples, learned about Johnny Appleseed and even enjoyed apple crisp.

JA Day 2014


Under the auspices of the Junior Achievement program, students from Bishop Canevin High School spent the day at St. Philip School teaching the children about Economics in its various forms. Lessons were presented at all grade levels and included topics such as money use in Kindergarten, business strategies in 5th grade, communications and transportation in 6th grade. The children enjoyed being taught by students just a little older than themselves and related well to this style of learning. JA Worldwide is a partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers — all working together to inspire young people to dream big and reach their potential.  JA’s hands-on, experiential programs teach the key concepts of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people all over the world. The Bishop Canevin students train and present this event yearly and seemed to really enjoy being teachers for the day. We especially love to see our SPS graduates  come back as instructors. The local JA program  and Bishop Canevin offer scholarships to 8th graders who have attended Catholic School and participated in the JA program.

Eco Challenge


Eight "green" Thinking Caps students participated in the Eco Challenge at Phipps Conservatory in Oakland. In addition to exploring the lush botanical gardens, the participants were given the tasks of creating a mosaic using scrap and trash from Construction Junction, collecting facts about plants in a unique ecology scavenger hunt, and analyzing the "carbon footprint" of our food sources for lunch.  Looking  pretty "green" today were Corinne McDevitt, Tyler Gura,  Maddie Hoff, Briana Patterson, Aidan Wrabley, Lauren Clutter,Janneselle Umalin, and Emily Costantino,
Sr. Geri was recognized for her ministerial leadership at the special Rite of Diocesan Commissioning and Authorization of Lay  Ecclesial Ministers at St Paul Cathedral on September 14th. The ceremony invited the ministers
"into a deeper collaboration with the work of the Bishop and the ordained".


Prayer Partners


1st and 7th Grade Prayer Partners met today to share ideas of favorite foods, colors, and places to go. They also shared snacks and will use the water bottles from the snacks to use for their Meals on Wheels project this winter.