Daniel Spezialetti SPS class of 2014 was selected as one of three Montour High School Students to represent the school at this year’s PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators Association) Band festival this past weekend, Friday, April 10-Saturday, April 11, 2105 at Bethel Park High School.  The concert featured 120 students from a variety of schools from the district.  The students were given multiple pieces to learn independently and then attended an all-day rehearsal with an guest conductor from a local college.  The great beginning in music he received in classes with Mr. Daniel Miller are lasting a lifetime! He has also been invited to audition for the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony.   
Congratulations to the following St Philip Alumni who achieved Honor Roll status the 3rd Quarter:
               Highest Honor:
                    Margaret Begg
                    Maggie Gallegos
                    Hope Grefenstette
                    Maggie Leone
                    Maura Sheedy

                                                                                                                                               High Honor:
                     Erin Sheedy   

Congratulations to the following St Philip grads who have achieved Honor Roll status for the Second Quarter at Bishop Canevin High School:

High Honors: Julian Bonds, Bailey Burgess, Madison Byerly, Brianna Caridi, Olivia Clark, Kevin Costantino, Justin Dix, Caitlin Donahue, Sarah Green, Erin Joyce,  Kasey Kaczorowski, Lauren Kanavy, Michael Kanavy, Michael Kirsch, Harrison Klein, Joseph Kretz, Ashley Mell, Joel Patterson, Ana Petrak, Charles Rakaczky, Andres Recalde, Colin Scanlon, Mark Shorthouse, Alyssa Smith, Ryley Tarasi, Louis Worrall, Katrina Zientarski

Honors: Margaret Aiello, Zachary Balobeck, Sydney Bonds, Walter Bonds, Nicholas Briney, Virginia Haseleu, Trevor Hipkiss, Adrianne Kubiak, Sarah McKnight, Erica Pawlos, Marissa Pekular, Jack Shorthouse, Matthew Tutsock


Tooth Truth


On Friday, April 10, 2015, the second grade students participated in an Oral Health Education Virtual Classroom visit via a live webinar titled, “Total Tooth Truth.” Discovery Health hosted the program.  Kelli Swanson Jacks, MA, RDH, President of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association discussed the tooth truth facts about good oral hygiene including: how to brush and floss properly, foods to avoid to keep teeth healthy, chewing gum to clean plaque from teeth and growth of permanent teeth.  Using a live hangout, students could submit questions to Ms. Jaecks who addressed many of the questions on air.  A visit to the dental office to explore the tools and equipment as well as viewing a dental exam and cleaning were highlights of the program. 

St Philip 8th grader Briana Patterson has been named an Outstanding Catholic School student by the Pittsburgh Catholic. Briana is a superior student with a 4.0 average. Named a Carson Scholar, she is leader in the school community and a role model in living out the school’s Angelway virtues program. In addition to serving as Vice President of Student Council, Briana plays on the volleyball team and is an accomplished dancer. She is a lead liturgical dancer, has been a featured player in the school musical for 3 years, and was accepted at Point Park University’s International Summer Dance Intensive Program 2012-2015. Her conscientious attitude and dedication are also evident at her dance studio as she assists teaching ballet to preschoolers, serves as a backstage manager at dance performances, and participates in performances for nursing home residents. Briana presently attends high school level science and math classes at Bishop Canevin High School where she will continue her Catholic Education in the fall.

Congratulations to the team of Ella Wrabley, Audrey Wrabley, Katie Hoff, and Kayleigh Costantino who placed 1st in the annual Battle of the Books at the Crafton Library. Competing with  4 teams from Crafton Elementary and Carnegie Elementary and our boys' St Philip team,  the girls answered the most questions about the 9 selected books nominated for the Children's Choice Awards. The team of Carmen Worrall, Nevan Crossey, Matthew McDevitt, and Branden Sniadach had a hard fought  3rd place finish in the field of 6 teams.

Think First


The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders had the opportunity to meet with Think First program representative from Children's Hospital, Darius Carlin. Think First encourages students to protect their good health by thinking before they engage in dangerous activity. Mr Carlin stressed the need to wear helmets while riding bikes and skateboards and wear seat belts when riding in vehicles. He showed the children a video that showed various situations such as diving into shallow water, crossing streets without looking both ways, and incorrectly boarding school buses. He also demonstrated the protection to the brain and spinal cord that helmets provide. Mr Carlin returned several months later and presented 2nd grader Ryan Cirilli with a bicycle and all the St Philip students with coupons for free helmets.


Seder Meal


As a part of their Holy Week observance, the Prayer Partners in 1st and 7th grade held a Seder Supper to reenact the meal Jesus had with His Apostles before He was crucified. The students shared some of the authentic Seder food and customs such as dipping parsley into salt water to remember the tears shed on that sad night. They were especially impressed by the connection between the Seder meal and the Mass which they celebrated on Easter Sunday.


K'nex Challenge


Congratulations to the 7 St Philip 4th and 5th graders who competed in the K'Nex Challenge at Duquesne University. Both teams were able to construct their designs and make the ping pong ball successfully travel a distance of 4 feet. The students worked for weeks creating a structure that would meet the design challenge and then had to build it piece by piece in a 2 hr time frame at the event." K'nexting "very well were the team of Grace Ravenstahl, Branden Sniadach, Matthew McDevitt, and Aidan O'Donnel. and the team of Malley Aiello, Emily Costantino, and Katie Hoff.