Congratulations to Mr Miller and the band students for a fabulous Christmas concert. Your music lifted the spirits of all who attended! Thank you.

Toys for Tots


The St Philip Student Council Officers went on a buying spree last night selecting the toys for the Toys for Tots organization . With the generosity of our school families,the Student Council raised close to $350 to buy toys. SPS families also donated 4 large  boxes full of toys as well. The amount of toys we donated should make many children happy! Thank you for your generosity.
The St Philip Forensics team took 2nd Place at the St Elizabeth Tournament on December 13.
Individual speaker places were as follows: Poetry- Maria Rose Fallon - 2 2nd, Sam Chickini- 2 1s Drama- Ana Bergstedt- 2 1st ,Evan Kormick- 2 2nd,  Julia Balobeck- 2 2nd, Janneselle Umalin - 2 1st. Prose- Brennan Hipkiss- 2 2nd,  Nevan Crossey- 2 1st. Declamation- Naomi Caparelli 1st& 2nd, Lauren Clutter- 2 1st . Multiple Reading-Nicole Snyder, Maddie Hoff, Corinne McDevitt- 2 1stEmily Schuck, Malley Aiello, Katie Hoff, Carson Gaitens, Liam Carnahan – 2nd & 3rd .Impromptu Zoe Koutavas – 2nd, 1stAnnie Kubiak – 2nd, 1st.  Special recognition goes to Sam, Ana, Annie, &  Lauren who had perfect scores in one round and to Nevan& the Multiple Reading Team of Maddie , Corinne, and Nicole who had perfect scores in both rounds!

A big Thank You to Mrs Ashby and the PTG for the fabulous Light Fantastic Program from the Shop'nSave  SEED project. The presentation explored dazzling science of light. The  illuminating show featured fireworks, rainbows, lasers, lenses, optical illusions, colorful fires, and things that glow in the dark. In this program, vibrant demonstrations illuminated the physics of light and lasers. The chemistry and biology of color  were the focus of an interactive show themed to the Periodic Table of Elements. 

St Philip students in grades K-8 both enjoyed and performed in a unique Christmas program directed by SPS Spanish teacher Nancee Marshall. Based on Spanish Christmas customs, songs, and traditions, the program included performances by each grade level. Familiar carols were sung in Spanish, traditional Spanish verses filled the air, and dancers moved to Spanish holiday rhythms Highlight of the performance was the re-enactment of  Las Posadas,  a Christmas festival originating in Latin America that dramatizes the search of Joseph and Mary for lodging. The story included Mary and Joseph, inn keepers, animals of the stable, and the Three Wise Men. Felice Navidad!

Waiting for Jesus


First Grade made a wreath  by tracing their hands and putting them in a circle. Each week they are lighting a candle to remind them that Jesus is coming.They also made a candle to light the way for Jesus. Each day, they color a part of the candle on their individual Advent wreaths and are doing daily acts of kindness to prepare for Jesus.

Candle, candle burning bright,
Shining in the cold winter's night
Candle, candle burning bright
Fill our hearts with Christmas light
The students attended a beautiful Mass to celebrate Mary's feast of the Immaculate Conception. 6th grade led the liturgy and Fr Walt reminded the children that Mary was a humble person of great Faith and that God calls on ordinary people to do important things. The children brought food donations for the St Vincent dePaul Society as part of the 100 Angels Centennial program.

Mystery Animals


Where did those animals come from that paraded through the school last Friday afternoon? The tracks suspiciously led to First Grade! The first Graders have been reading a story, Greg's Mask, about a boy who has to make an animal mask for a class skit and gets his feelings hurt by his sister. The children thought they would like to try their hands at making masks also from paper plates, yarn, and craft materials.They had a great time parading through the school. They had so much fun!!
The 100 Angels Community Service Program is in full swing this December. While Mrs. Petersen and middle school students are volunteering to make and sell decorative Angel cookies to benefit the Children’s Hospital Free Card Fund (buy them online or at this weekend’s events), the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students stepped up big time last night to participate in a caroling event at Harbour Senior Living in Greentree.  They even donned their school uniforms to help spread the word about our wonderful school and display their pride in being SPS students.  We even had some younger children and 8th graders show up, in addition to recent graduates!  In all, some 42 students and alumni and many of their parents lit up the common rooms for the evening with generosity, joy and song.

Special thanks to the families who baked the goodies and to power-duo 100 Angels Co-Chairs Tina Patterson and Donna Gamrod for coordinating the event.  These two generous ladies also purchased a pair of socks as a small gift for each of the residents, which were passed out by the children.  Warm socks are always a welcome gift this time of year and were greatly appreciated.

The 100 Angels Program was created expressly for the Centennial as a hands-on opportunity for  our children to learn the value of community service and to reinforce, as part of our yearlong 100th birthday celebration, the core values that have no doubt played a key role in our longevity as a Catholic school.  One of the residents remarked about the children’s singing, “My, they must have practiced for weeks!”  Truth be told, they practice living life the “SPS Angel Way” every day at school.  And nights like last tonight reminded all of us in attendance why schools  like St. Philip need to stay open for another 100 years!!!