Spirit Day 2015


The girls were invited to the Petersen Events Center on 1/24/15 by the Pitt Cheerleaders.  They met the squad who demonstrated some stunts and cheers for our girls.  Then the JV squad performed their cheers for the college students who were impressed with the cheer "The Call of the Trojans".  Coach Tiffany and  Coach Amanda, and chaperones Sharon Gaitens and Julie Gardner and the girls then watched the Pitt Womens basketball game.  Everyone who went thought it was an amazing day for the squad. 
Hayden Shipley, grandson of retired kindergarten teacher Mrs. Sharon Shipley, entertained the kindergarten, first grade and second grade students with a show of tricks and illusions.  Turning torn tissue into a beautiful hat, making money appear from an empty bag and turning three colored scarves into an American flag are just a few of the treats Hayden had in store.  Always popular is Hayden's "buddy" Robbie the Raccoon, who the students love to meet and greet after the show.  Thank you to the Shipleys for the wonderful afternoon!

Box Top Winners!


Box Top winners, grade 7, enjoyed a special lunch prepared just for them, along with a dress down day.  Tables decorated with centerpieces of balloons and a buffet of tasty treats was enjoyed by all!  Thank you 7th grade for your Box Top participation!  Thank you Mrs. DeMark for preparing the reward!
Scooters, relays, balloons, tug-of-war and bean bags can only mean one thing: CRAZY OLYMPICS!  Mrs. Roth organized the entire student body into teams: Red, Blue, Green and Orange.  As always, she designed fantastic activities which were fun and showcased the athleticism of each child.  The plethora of parents and volunteers helped to make the day a success as always. 
Many thanks to the following St Philip Alumni from Bishop Canevin  who served our school on Give Back Day: Lauren Kanavy, Ginny Haseleu, Caitlin Donahue, Chucky Rakaczky , Olivia Clark, Andres Recalde,  Adrianne Kubiak, Sara Szymanski, Kara Schaffnit, Michael Kanavy, Connor Gaitens, Ana Petrak, and Madison Byerly. Special thanks to Ashley Mell who organized the event and also served that day. The student took on a variety of tasks which included working with our students, painting the glow room project, filing, sorting, cutting, and correcting papers. We enjoyed their visit and are most grateful for their help!
Congratulations to the following team members who took First Place at the Peters tournament on Saturday.
Poetry- Sam Chickini, Carmen Worrall- 2 firsts
Prose- Emily Costantino - 2 firsts, Nevan Crossey - first & second 
Drama-Janneselle Umalin ( 2 perfect scores),  Andalushia Reilly, Ana Bergstedt -2 firsts, Nyla Betts - 2 seconds
Declamation- Naomi Caparelli- 2 firsts, Lauren Clutter, Abby Aiello - first & second, Arabella Sargent- 2 seconds
Multiple Reading
Corinne McDevitt, Nicole Snyder, Maddie Hoff- 2 firsts (2 perfect scores)
Declan Reilly, Liam Clutter, Liam Carnahan, Mac Johnson- 2 firsts
Mr Carr's 6th grade English Class is learning about Language from its very beginnings. In the Acquisition of Language game, students are told that in order to survive each day of the game, they need to obtain water, food, and some kind of warmth (fur, fire) or else their "tribe" would not survive.  Each group has to "go to market" to trade with other tribes.  They are not, however, permitted to use words.  They can gesture, grunt, or point to try to obtain whatever they need to survive the game.  Student are also permitted lie and to steal. The lesson of the game is that language created many great divides in society for a very long time and it created rifts between groups of people just as it still does to this day in certain societies and even in ours.

Let's Camp Out!


First Grade finished their Book 3 Reading book with the story Let's Camp Out!. We learned many things about camping. A tent was set up and then we finished our Camping Unit by making s'mores and eating them in the tent. Yummy!!

Paper People?


First Grade parents will have no problem finding their children's seats on Open House Night. The First graders drew their own bodies and colored them. It was a special anatomy lesson as well as the students placed body organs on the back of their paper bodies. The paper people will be in their desks waiting to greet visitors at Open House.