Grade 5:Nevan Crossey Ross Gardner Matthew Mell Carmen Worrall Ella Wrabley
Grade 6: Linda Ashby Nick Biangone Brandyn Brock Nathan Kirsch Andalushia Reilly Janneselle Umalin
Grade 7:  Corinne Mc Devitt
Grade 8: Brianna Caridi, Andres Recalde, Erin Sheedy

Carson Awards


 St Philip 6th Grader  Janneselle Umalin who was named a Carson Scholar received a $1,000 scholarship award that will be invested for her college education. She  also received a medal and certificate and was honored at Awards banquet on April 20, 2014. Previous St Philip alumna Maggie Leone and Sarah McKnight were also honored at the luncheon.

Winning Poets


One of the most significant moments in Major League Baseball history occurred when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier on April 15, 1947. In celebration of the anniversary of this momentous event, the Pittsburgh Pirates invited schools and organizations to participate in the Jackie Robinson Art, Essay and Poetry Contest. The contest challenged students to express their thoughts creatively about Robinson's nine values for success in either piece of art, a poem or an essay. Jackie Robinson's nine values of success include: courage, determination, teamwork, persistence, integrity, citizenship, justice, commitment and excellence.

Students had three opportunities to participate:ART: Submit an original piece of artwork depicting one or more of the following: What Jackie Robinson means to you? How Jackie Robinson's life impacted your own? Clear understanding of one of his nine values of success.ESSAY: Write a 100-200-word essay that chronicles the personal struggles of Jackie Robinson.POETRY: Write a 10-12 line poem that explores one or more of Jackie Robinson's nine values of success.

Eight of St Philip 4th graders used their Poetry skills to win tickets to a future Pirate Game: Brian Bannon, Grace Avery, Katie Hoff, Max Kroneberg, Troy Panza, Kiya Grivalsky, Lauren Kirsch, Jacob Phillips.

Kindergarten and 2nd grade took a virtual field trip to a real egg farm that produces over 1 million eggs yearly. The children got to see chicks hatch and the whole process of egg production up close just in time for the
Bella Nesky brought a very special guest to school today. It was a certified therapy dog Adora the Bull and her owner Sara. They read a story about how shelter dogs make good pets. They told us about how Adora became a therapy dog. We even got to pet her and she gave us a few kisses. We even had a special snack and dog biscuit shaped graham crackers and a coloring page.
5th Grade has been working hard to see what it must have been like to attract settlers to the original 13 colonies. In role 2 of their colonial Webquest, the students designed posters to encourage British adventurers to come to their colony to settle. They based their posters on Internet research and , working in groups, developed a slogan and ad for their colony. Next comes a PowerPoint presentation. Wouldn't the Pilgrims be surprised!!



Thank you to the PTG for sponsoring the fabulous Invention of Edison  CLO program for our students.  Through dramatic sketches and musical vignettes, Pittsburgh CLO’s Gallery of Heroes program takes its 50-minute mini-musicals to area schools to educate and enlighten students about great historical figures. This play followed the career of Edison Thomas Edison who was known across the globe for a myriad of inventions, including the lighted miner's electric cap lamp which was designed here in Pittsburgh in response to a mine tragedy in Jed, West Virginia in 1912. Edison’s career not only showed brilliant creative thinking but also demonstrated the need for perseverance in all endeavors. The performance highlighted the daring, inspiration, and dedication of Thomas Edison, a man who changed the world forever. Book, Music and Lyrics by John Gregor


Resurrection Eggs