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Day of Giving May 3, 2019

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Day of Giving May 3, 2019

Day of Giving May 3, 2019 Image
On May 3, 2019 St Philip School will hold our Day of Giving. Our goal is to raise funds for several projects that will address both the physical plant and the educational environment of our students. Specifically, we want to address the need for additional books, upgrades in technology, additional “kits” for science and robotics, and continue to address the physical plant in such areas as paint, windows, lighting and roof, as these remain issues needing consistent care and attention.
Successful fundraising usually contains three elements to produce positive results:
1.     People need to know about the drive. Reaching the most amount of people and making them aware of our efforts is vital. Donors don’t know what they don’t know. So we need to get our message out and known.
2.     The purpose must be clear, people like to know where or how the donation will be used. Our donation card will be specific and once designated will be used for that specific purpose only.
3.     Most important… TRUST. It’s one thing to “just send a letter” the shotgun approach BUT it is completely different when the letter is from someone we know, someone that trusts our decisions and is willing to listen because we have a relationship with that person. 
Make no mistake, this is an important and concerted effort and we need your help. We are planning to mail over 5,000 letters to the following:
1.     Alumni, we have lists of alumni that we plan to use. Obviously, our alums know SPS and they have a connection to our school. The alumni mailing will make up the greatest amount of the mailing.  These letters will be signed by myself and students
2.     Friends, family, co-workers and neighbors are persons you have a strong relationship with that trust your decision making and are willing to consider your request. These letters will be signed by you and me.
3.     Our school neighbors and establishments.  These persons tend to know SPS (they have participated heavily in our Spirit walk and other school events) they understand our role in the community and value our presence. These letters will be signed by Fr. Gizler and myself.
The parent/family role in this process:
1.     We are asking each family to identify ten persons that they know to receive the letter.
2.     Each family will receive 10 letters to address, sign and return to the school.
The student role in this process:
1.     Students in grades 5 through 8 will address and sign alumni letters.
My role
1.     I will be available to answer questions and oversee the project.
2.     I will provide updates relative to the efforts.
3.     I will coordinate the thank you letters to the donors.
4.     I will provide a full accounting with the Parish Office Manager of the costs and the revenue raised per the donor designations.
March 8, 2019: Announcement letter to parents and families explaining the SPS Day of Giving.
                        Post letter to the Principal school web page.
                        Post letter on school bulletin board.
                        Begin a three-week campaign of information to make our community aware.
April 1, 2019:               Distribute Ten (10) letters to each family to address, sign and return to the school. If additional letters are needed please contact the school office.
April 8, 2019:               Parent letters must be returned completed to the school office.
April 14, 2019:             Parish Bulletin to include an overview of the Day of Giving. Continue for three weeks.
April 19, 2019:             Day of Giving letters to be mailed.
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