St. Philip Mission Statement

St. Philip School, rooted in the love of the Heart of Christ, exists to pass on the faith and to teach the Gospel values of Jesus Christ. St. Philip School is committed to academic excellence and to the development of Christian virtues which generate responsible character. It endeavors to prepare the student for life now and into the future.

St. Philip Beliefs Statement

  • Children are gifts from God and are the future of our church, community, nation and the world.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children. They must be given encouragement and opportunity to actively participate in their children’s academic, spiritual, and social formation.
  • The primary role of a Catholic School is to pass on the Catholic faith and to teach Gospel values while providing a superior academic education for the whole child.
  • Catholic Schools’ discipline and student management is rooted in developing virtue which generates responsible behavior and character.
  • Catholic Schools have the obligation to provide a welcoming, safe, and structured environment for students with diverse backgrounds
  • Catholic School curriculum must be enriched with activities that address the multipleintelligences and wide variety of interests of its students.
  • Catholic Schools must utilize techniques and teach skills that prepare students to meet the demands of a world immersed in technology.
  • Catholic Schools must foster a love of learning and provide skills that encourage and enable lifetime learning.