Principal’s Message

Just a few years ago St. Philip School celebrated the 100th year of providing a Catholic Education in Crafton/Pittsburgh area. When I think about that I can’t help but imagine, not the number of children that have attended our school, but the families and the generations that have been a part of St. Philip. Most striking in my short time here has been the conversations I have had during open house, meet the teacher night, after Christmas Mass and even in the Giant Eagle, talking to adults of all ages that were eager to point out their generational connections to the Church and the school.

In several discussions, I heard stories of four or more generations of family members that had attended and now their grandchildren, cousins, brothers and sisters and even our teachers’ sons and daughters are here carrying on their family name in our halls, classrooms and Church. It was from these discussions that our theme for Catholic Schools week “Discover the community of our St. Philip School,” was born.

This has been eye opening for me and heartening as well, to know that in the world we live in today, there is still a place where neighbor knows neighbor, where buying a home on the same block where you grew up is common, and when someone is in need the community comes forward to help. Although I have not been a part of the past of St. Philip school, as I look forward, I feel responsible and entrusted with the duty as principal to guide and protect the future of our school. What has been for over 100 years must continue to thrive and grow so the beauty that is Church/school/community continues for the next generation.

Welcome to the St. Philip Community

Dr. Brian M. Dougherty

Dr. Dougherty's Bio

Dr. Dougherty has an extensive background in Catholic Education as a past teacher, Principal and most recently as Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Detroit. During his tenure as Superintendent, Dr. Dougherty was responsible for 72 grade schools, 24 high schools, 750 educators and 30,000 students. His expertise in collaborative leadership, administrative directives, educational budgets and finances, his ability to build strong working relationships with faculty, staff and parents, and his very strong Catholic faith has enabled him to achieve amazing success in Catholic Education. Dr. Dougherty believes “Catholic schools that foster open discussions of the teachings of Jesus through the Gospels help students grow not only in their faith but as life long practicing Catholics. 

The school is called to engage students and guide their Faith journey through discussion, in every classroom, on the playground and in the halls.” A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, Dr. Dougherty earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Pittsburgh. He also holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a BA in History from Mercyhurst University. Dr. Dougherty is very excited to begin his tenure as Principal at Saint Philip School. Welcome, Dr. Dougherty!