SPS Tuition Requirements & Rates for the 2019-20 school year

In addition to the rates in the charts below:

  • A $50 non-refundable, non-transferrable family registration fee applies to all Grades, Preschool–Grade 8.
  • Grade K-8 families must also meet a Fundraising Quota (FRQ) of $450
  • Grade K-8 families must volunteer a minimum of 20 hours or pay $200

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Annual Tuition

No. of Children Catholic Rate* Non-Catholic Rate
1 $4,450 $6,000 per child
2 $6,675
3 or more $8,000

*Catholic rates are verified by the Parish Office using Offertory Envelope numbers for enrolled members at St. Philip Parish or are contingent upon receipt of a completed Pastor Verification form for Catholic families who are not members of St. Philip Parish.

Preschool Annual Tuition

Age Length of Day Rate
3 Half $1,350
4 Half $1,600
4 Full $2,700

Kindergarten Annual Tuition

Length of Day Rate
Half $3,600
Full $4,450

Tuition Due Dates:

Preschool and Pre-K tuition payments can be paid in one lump sum on September 1 or spread out over 8 months, September 1 through April 1. On the monthly plan, tuition payments are due on the 1st of each month and there is a $10 late fee for payments made after the 1st of the month.

Grade K-8 tuition can be paid in one lump sum by July 1, or in monthly payments spread out over 10 months from July 1 through April 1. Tuition payments are due on the first of every month. If you wish to pay quarterly, one quarter of the full tuition must be paid by July 1, Oct 1, Jan 1 and April 1. If you wish to pay bi-annually, one half of the full tuition must be paid by July 1 and the remaining half must be paid by Dec. 1. 

Fundraising Requirement:

The fundraising year begins on March 1st and ends on February 28th (or 29th in leap years).  Each St. Philip family in Grades K-8 has a Fundraising Quota (FRQ) of $450 annually.  Families may opt out of their fundraising responsibility by paying a $450 fee directly to the school on March 1. Most families choose to raise the money throughout the fundraising year and easily meet or exceed their goal. If a family does not meet their fundraising goal by the end of the cycle, the are required to pay the balance.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • St. Philip School requests that each family volunteer 20 hours of service each year.
  • Families may opt out of this requirement by paying an annual fee of $200. 
  • Families who volunteer, but do not fulfill their 20 hour requirement, will pay a balance of $10 per unserved volunteer hour at the end of the annual cycle.  
  • The volunteer and fundraising cycle runs from March 1st though the last day of February of the following year.
Facts Tuition Management


Tuition Management Service

 The FACTS Tuition Management Team has joined with St. Philip School to provide a service that is creative and flexible to meet the needs of all of our families. Partnering with FACTS for our business operations helped us to streamline our processes, and provide a number of added conveniences for you!

Enrollment Process: If you are a new family please visit https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3MRT8/ and complete your FACTS profile. 

Once there you will be able to select the plan that best meets your needs, and be able to monitor your account. You can also choose how you can receive payment reminders, number of payments you want to make and identify your best payment method that works best for you such as, an automatic debit from a savings or checking account, payment via a credit or debit card (with a nominal 2.85% service fee added); or an invoice via mail or email.

Convenient & Secure Account Management: You will have the ability to manage your account via the FACTS’ secure Web site, and have access to FACTS employees at their home office in Lincoln, Nebraska to answer your questions. Checking your account balance, making a payment, adding bank account or other credit card for added convenience, adding an additional authorized payer, or updating your personal information is a couple of clicks or taps away. FACTS’ mobile payment platform works on all mobile devices too!

There is a nominal fee to cover the costs associated with the program. There is NO FEE to make a payment in full! If you’d like to choose two payments, there is a $10 annual fee charged to the family. If you’d like to choose monthly payments, there is a $45 annual fee charged to the family. As an added benefit, if all payments are made on time, and there is no outstanding balance on the account at the end of the year, St. Philip School will reduce the last payment of the year by $20 to help defray the cost of the program.

Thank you for your continued support of St Philip School. We appreciate your commitment and support as we strive to provide the highest quality of education for your children.