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Day of Giving May 3, 2019

Think First! for Safety

The Think First National Injury Prevention Program was brought to St. Philip School by Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Injury Prevention Program. The goal of the program is to increase knowledge and awareness of the causes and risk factors of brain and spinal cord injury, injury prevention measures, and the use of safety habits at an early age.Topics include protecting your brain and spinal cord, vehicle and bus safety, bicycle and pedestrian safety, playground safety, water safety and violence prevention.  Zach's main goal today was to impress upon the students the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet when riding.  The most vivid example of the dangers of riding without a helmet was the "egg drop".  Two head models had raw eggs placed inside and were dropped from the height of an average second grader.  Only the egg in the model with the helmet survived the fall unscathed.  Students received reflectors to use when riding to make them more visible to motorists and sun safety bracelets. More information on how the students can obtain a free helmet will be coming in the days ahead.