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Thanks for your support of Spirit Walk 2018. Over $12,000 raised!!! October is Respect Life Month- we are focusing on respect for the elderly.
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Coaches Basketball

Title Name Phone E-Mail
Varsity Boys Coach      
Varsity Boys Asst. Coach      
Varsity Girls Coach  Colin Wrabley  412-498-2302
Varsity Girls Asst. Coach  Shawn Anselm  412-605-4512
JV Boys Coach  Shawn Anselm  412-605-4512
JV Boys Asst. Coach  Lloyd Johnson    
JV Girls Coach  Dan Kirsch  412-928-9042
JV Girls Asst. Coach  Emily Marino  412-200-2735
Developmental Boys coach      
Developmental Girls coach      
Pee Wee Coach  Amanda Sargent