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We have a very exciting year ahead of us. The teachers have been hard at work getting ready for the school year. 


Be sure to check the supply list, updated schedule, and the updated syllabus!





Dear middle school families,

We are looking forward to the beginning of a new school year! The students can view their middle school schedule on their homeroom teacher’s webpage. This schedule will be thoroughly explained to the students on the first day of school. Please only send your child to school with the supplies for the classes listed on their schedule for DAY ONE and any homeroom or daily supplies they will need. For example, if they have reading, English, religion, and science, only send those materials on the first day. Do not send the materials for the other classes. Please do not drop off any middle school student materials at the K-5 Early Supply Dropoff. 


The students will carry their backpacks to and from school daily with the materials for the classes they have that day. NO MATERIALS will be left in the desks, classrooms, or coat rooms. No toys or personal belongings should be brought to school at this time. If you haven’t already, you can still view the student supply lists on the homeroom teacher webpages.


In addition, if you haven’t already, please visit one of middle school teachers websites and complete the contact form via Google Forms, it would be much appreciated! You only need to complete this once. The contact information will be shared with all of the middle school teachers.


      Thank you in advance for your patience with these new procedures!


        -Mrs. Shade, Miss. Heymann, Mr. Baker, Mr. Fischer, & Mrs. Wilfert