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SPS Art/Music/Gym/7A Religion 

Hello SPS students!

Please reference Google Classroom for

ALL classwork information!

2020-21 School Year Supply Lists

These are materials for all students to share. Ms. McGaughey will collect these materials during the students first Art Class within the Homeroom classrooms and they will be kept in the Art Room.


Kindergarteners - One Pack of Baby Wipes

(Any Brand - They will be used for hands when things get messy)

1st Graders - One pack (2+) of Elmer's Washable Glue Sticks 

2nd Graders - One pack (2+) of Black Sharpie Brand Markers 

3rd Graders - One Hand-Held Pencil Sharpener OR One Roll of Masking Tape

4th GradersOne Crayola 8-Color Watercolor Pallett

(These can be purchased at the dollar store)

5th GradersOne Pack of 10-Color Crayola Broad Line Markers

Middle School Students (6th - 8th Graders) - $2.00 in an envelope addressed to Ms. McGaughey.

This will be used to purchase Air Dry Clay and new paint for everyone 😊 



Art Room Amazon Wish List (Optional) 

Communication Methods

Please contact me via zoom or email for any questions, concerns, or additional photos of artwork you would like to share. 

Art/Music/Gym Schedule

Students will receive Art, Music, and Gym instruction once every eight days.

Students will need to bring their Sketchbooks to school on the day that they have Art class. It is very important to note which day they have Art so they are able to participate in that day's activity.

They will not need to bring any materials to school for music. 

Students may dress down on the days that they have Gym class, unless it is also a day that they attend Mass. K-4 Students attend Mass on Mondays. 5-8 Students attend Mass on Tuesdays.