St Philip Class of 2020

Anselm, Maslen  Holmes, Presley  Muoio, Gabriella 
Bittner, Zachary  Hurley, Joseph  Peterson, Lillianna 
Bowen, Kiley  Kelsch, Sean  Sniadach, Keeley 
Castelucci, Nicolas  Lopata, Dylan  Stickman, William 
Chabala, Violet  Lowder, Eva  Swanson, Ian 
Colantonio, Charles  Luke, John Henry  Umalin, Julianna-Nelle 
Cringle, Declan  Malloy, Isabella  Wrabley, Annalise 
Edgos, Thomas  Marino, Gianna   

8th Grade Awards 2020

The American Legion Awards for Scholarship and Citizenship from Frank R. Kirk Post 145 were awarded to 8th graders

Sean Kelsch and Julianna Umalin. A letter from the Legion was read reminding the recipients that the virtues of Honor,

Courage, Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Americanism, which the award recognizes, are the foundation upon

which our country was founded and are the virtues which must be fostered for our country to remain strong. Isabella

Malloy and Maslen Anselm received The Knights of Columbus Award for excellence in Scholarship, Patriotism, and Faith

sponsored by the  David Dulick Family. Christian Leadership awards were presented to Will Stickman and Annalise

Wrabley. Recipients of the three awards were chosen by vote of the students and the St. Philip Faculty. Sean Kelsch and

Keeley Sniadach received the Principal’s Award for a perfect 4.0 average all 4 quarters this year. An awards ceremony

via Zoom for the students and their parents followed the Graduation Mass. The 23 graduates honored that night will

attend Bishop Canevin, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Central Catholic, City Charter School or Montour with 90%

choosing Catholic High School.

Awards were presented via Zoom to our 8th Graders at the end of their graduation ceremony as follows:

  • Reading Awards
    • Most Improved- Zachary Bittner
    • Super Accelerated Reader- Gianna Marino, Lillianna Peterson
    • Outstanding Achievement- Maslen Anselm, Keeley Sniadach, Annalise Wrabley
  • Math Awards

    • Most Improved - John Henry Luke
    • Math Top 3 - Lillianna Peterson, Keeley Sniadach, Annalise Wrabley
  • Science Awards

    • Most Improved- Dylan Lopata
    • Highest Honors in science Keeley Sniadach and Presley Holmes
  • Social Studies

    • Will Stickman
    • Maslen Anselm
    • Isabella Malloy
    • Sean Kelsch
  • Spanish

    • Gabby Muoio
    • Keeley Sniadach
    • Annalise Wrabley
    • Julianna Umalin
  • Steam

    • Isabella Malloy
  • Computer

    • Excellence in Robotics - John Henry Luke, Will Stickman
    • Excellence in Web Page Design: Gia Marino, Maslen Anselm
    • General Excellence in Computer Class - Lillianna Peterson ,Charlie Colantonio
    • Keeley Sniadach, Bella Malloy & Charles Colantonio
    • John Henry Luke, Sean Kelsch, Nico Castelucci & Nasi Edgos, Violet Chabala, Julianna Umalin, Lilianna Peterson
    • Annalise Wrabley, Will Stickman
  • Altar Servers

    • John Henry Luke, Keeley Sniadach, Gianna Marino, William Stickman, Joe Hurley 
    • Lillianna Peterson, Eva Lowder, and Violet Chabala

8th Grade Photos