Kindergarten has been very busy this fall with a variety of activities:

Leaf Walk

Kindergarten Is “Falling” In Love With Learning. Kindergarten was learning about the changes of the trees and the leaves around us during Fall for Science class. They were also learning about adjectives in Language Arts class. So they took their learning outside. They went on a leaf walk around the school and Church grounds. Each child chose a leaf. Then they went back inside and used adjectives to describe their leaf.

Kindergarten Is STEAMing Along

Kindergarten has been exploring several gadgets. They have been coding away with the Beebots, Beebots App on their ipads and even Coding Mice named Colby and Jack. They have been having so much fun they forgot they were even learning along the way. They have aslo been coding in computer class on the website and will be participating in the Hour of Code project in December.

Fall Into SPS

Kindergarten played host to the families of the 4 year olds in our Pre- K program. They invited the students to come at night with their families and did a craft, listened to a story, had a snack and toured the Kindergarten, Art and Music rooms, the Library and the Computer Lab to get an idea of the fun ahead next year in Kindergarten!

Advent Wreaths

To begin the new Church season of Advent, Kindergarten and First Grade got together to make advent wreaths. They worked together on the wreaths and talked about the meaning of each piece.

Kindegarten Fall 2019