Our first school Mass of the year was celebrated by Fr John and Fr Scheib. The gospel reading and Fr John's sermon reminded us of the importance of being a welcoming community and one that focuses always on Jesus and His call to us to love and take care of others.He welcomed our new teachers and students and reminded the children that St Philip School is known for its reflection of the love of Jesus and encouraged them to carry out that message every day.

The first Mass launched the Angelway program for the  new school year. Dr Dougherty presented angel pins to the Kindergrten class and emphasized the importance of following the virtues of the Angelway program, finding ways that they can be recognized for being “angels”, and learning the connection of  Angelway program to our parish and school.

The Angelway Virtues Program is inspired by our courtyard statue of an angel guiding a young child that has served as a beloved symbol of SPS for over 100 years.  The angel's arm cradles and guides the child while its outstretched arm points directly to the tabernacle of St. Philip Church.

The Angelway Virtues Program originally called for students to practice one of 12 Christian virtues in each 9-week period of the school year, cycling through all 12 virtues every three years.  The virtues are: self- discipline, generosity, responsibility, friendship, stewardship, courage, perseverance, honesty, faithfulness, belief in God, work and respect.  

This year, with parent help, we are revitalizing the program and will visit all 12 virtues with each homeroom presenting, at the end of the school Mass, something meaningful they have learned about the virtue. The ANGEL Way Virtues Pin includes an inscription of the program name.  All children receive the pin when they enter Kindergarten and are encouraged to wear it on their uniform shirt collars daily as a reminder of their opportunity to be virtuous. Students are rewarded for wearing their pins, and for their awareness and practice of the current virtue with special religious mementos and prizes.

Angel Pins 2019