Ryan Jameson (8A) plays basketball on a team with a student from St. Louise de Marillac named Patrick Weldon. Patrick started a program called “Art for Heart,” that uses leftover artwork from classes and turns them into cards to send to local hospitals, convents, and elsewhere. His program has been growing since the beginning of the school year, over Christmas he was able to give an Art for Heart card to everyone in Mercy Hospital, and now he is trying to expand it even more. Read the full story here: https://www.post-gazette.com/life/goodness/2021/03/07/art-heart-youth-volunteer-community-award-prudential-patrick-weldon-goodness/stories/202102250137 Ryan, from St. Philip, asked if our students could help his friend Patrick reach his new goal and St. Philip students were able to contribute 150 cards to Patrick's “Art for Heart,” program. 

The Art for Heart fundraiser has ended for Easter, and Patrick from St. Louise sent us a very sweet “thank you,” video that gives a shout-out to St. Philip and our students. 

Thank you video - This will make your day!!

Art for the Heart