St Philip teachers Heidi and Kati Rodgers conducted Camp Invention via Zoom this summer for interested students. The nationally recognized STEAM program sponsored by the Inventors Hall of Fame invited the children to learn about principles of flight by going outdoors to experiment with paper planes and hand-copters. They also got two robots — one to take apart and investigate, and one to customize as their very own flight simulation robot.

In addition, Campers explored bioluminescence as they used LEDs to create a glowing flower, and they built parachutes to safely airdrop animals, restoring balance to their habitats. The children also enjoyed open-ended activities and used the materials in their kit to create sketches, build and test prototypes, design logos and confidently pitch their products while protecting their intellectual property.

Finally, they discovered the great inventors behind their favorite sports, applying  their own game-changing ingenuity and design thinking, and built the ultimate sports complex. The inventors had great fun  heading  outside to play their new games.

Camp Invention 2020