Christmas Spectacular

 The last day of school before Christmas vacation was filled with many memorable activities. The day began with the last day of prayer of the Christmas Grace Program Novena. Miss McGaughey led everyone in singing three Christmas songs: Away in a Manger Joy to The World, Mi Burrito Sabanero. Then the individual classes held special Christmas activities such as hot chocolate in the courtyard for 7th grade. Kindergarten presented its Christmas program and there was a special lunch for teachers. 6A brought in the most cans for the St Vincent DePaul food collection with a total of 163 cans. This was very impressive, considering there are only 10 kids in the class and we only brought in cans on two days. 6A and 6B spent their last day before Christmas break together. They enjoyed many festive activities along with spending time with each other and enjoying each other's company.

The highlight of the day was the Christmas Caroling event in the courtyard.  The students prepared to go outside and closed their doors. Mary (Natalie Kirsch) and Joseph (Max Yelich began  to knock on classroom doors starting at KA, asking “Do you have any room for baby Jesus in your Inn?”  Students were primed to respond with “NO.“After they rejected Mary and Joseph from entering their classroom, the students were led to the courtyard. The children then sang acapella sing the first two verses of “Silent Night” and welcomed the baby Jesus

Christmas Caroling 2020