After a traffic-filled trek from SPS to South Park, SPS Cross Country ran their third meet of the season at St. Elizabeth on September 6, 2019 against runners from St. Elizabeth, St. Gabriel, and JFK. SPS ran well and finished strong, with strong finish places and times across all divisions. This was a tougher race than usual due to back to back race days and a new course from St. Elizabeth, but everyone ran hard and did great!

Developmental Race Girls:
Addy Batts 4th, Macie Trombetta 6th, Ava Lenigan 8th, Mia Madden 13th, Eliana Cornetti 14th, Nancy Rose Delien 22nd, Eden Franc 23rd, Avery Sinicrope 19th, Serenity Harris 20th, Alyssa White 25th, Madison Haugh 27th

Developmental Race Boys:
Crosby Ziolkowski 9th, Dylan Ford 12th, Tiernan Magee 17th, Gavin Lenigan 23rd, Jude Franc 25th, Connor Duplaga 26nd, Wilder Sargent 27th

JV Race Girls:
Shae Trombetta 6th, Anna Stickman 13th

JV Race Boys:
Dashiell Sargent 12th, Colin Ziolkowski 27th

Varsity Race Boys:
Everett Sargent 6th, Charlie Colantonio 7th, Will Stickman 13th