• In virtual art classes this week. KA, KB, and 1A learned about warm and cool colors and drew flower scenes depicting the difference. 2A, 2B, and 3A made “pop-out” self-portraits of themselves wearing masks, with a hidden part of the drawing that shows their smiles underneath. 
  • Kindergarten love its leaf walk each year. This year was different but we still were able to have some sort of leaf fun. We all collected a leaf. We discussed where we found it, what color and what size it was. We then read a book about why leaves change colors and what their jobs are.
  • Third grade did an awesome job adapting to the past week of virtual learning. We were able to pick up where we left off in all subjects. We even had some extra time for a brief “show and tell”. 
  • In religion the Kindergarten students are learning about the sacrament of Baptism. We are learning how this is the special sacrament when we are welcomed into the church. The children had the opportunity to share something special from their Baptism.
  • First Grade is doing a fabulous job adjusting on and off to virtual learning.

November 10-17