The PJAS, Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, competition was held on February 1st. .  St Philip 8th grader Sean Kelsch received 1st place  in Microbiology and  8th grader Violet Chabala received 2nd place  Chemistry. Sean will be going to the PJAS State Competition  at Penn State in May. Students must conduct an experiment, collect data, draw conclusions, and present their findings in a PowerPoint presentation. They both did a wonderful job!

Violet Chabala

On February 1st, I participated in Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science.  My project was about what stains teeth. In order to test how different liquids stain teeth, I tested 5 different liquids on eggshells.  The eggshells represent teeth.  The liquids used were water (the control), green tea, regular Almond milk, chocolate Almond milk and coffee. I placed the eggshells in individual cups with each liquid.  I observed the eggshells for 10 days and recorded my results. This process was completed for three trials.  At the end of each trial, I noticed the eggshells submerged in coffee were much darker than the eggshells in the other liquids.  Completing this experiment has shown me how coffee as well as the other liquids can have an impact on teeth.


Sean Kelsch

PJAS is a regional competition where students conduct scientific experiments, create a presentation, and explain their experiment to a room of students and judges. My personal experience was very good. I had a lot of fun doing my experiment and won first place at the competition.  My experiment was on what areas of my school are the most germ-infected, and whether or not washing your hands makes a difference.  I tested the water fountain handle, the toilet handle, and the sink handle. I found the most germs on the toilet handle when compared to the other locations.  Completing this experiment helped me to understand the scientific method and how important it is in conducting experiments. Participating in PJAS was a great experience me because of how much I learned from it. Overall, I think PJAS is a great opportunity that all students should participate in.