This Week at SPS

  • Room 2B has been following the Scientific Method to conduct an experiment on plants. The question they developed was, “Will a plant grow without light?”  We kept some of our plants on the window ledge and some of them in our closet for three weeks. After each week, we recorded our data by drawing our plants with and without light and by taking specific notes about them.  After three weeks, we determined whether or not our hypothesis was correct.  Then we discussed how to further our investigation or make our experimentfair.  Students enjoyed the experiment and were happy to take the plants home to show family.  They eagerly asked, “What is our next experiment?”  
  • 5A was a great help in getting ready for the Spirit Walk.
  • Kindergarten is coding the Code-a-pillars. They each got to take a turn to program the robot to move. It made its way all around our classroom.
  • During the month of October each Kindergarten child can bring in a special rosary to show to the class. The children are so excited to learn about all the prayers of the rosary. We say our rosary prayers each day at the start of our class.
  • The Preschool and Pre-K classes are having so much fun learning how to use technology in the classroom.  They are also excited to celebrate Fall and participate in the many fun Autumn activities planned, like painting pumpkins.
  • First Grade did a STEAM spinner activity. They had to follow the steps to make a “spinner” and when they spun it, it appeared to make the crow sit on the pumpkin.

Week of October 11 2020