Bishop Canevin 8th Grade Program

St Philip’s high-achieving eighth grade students are eligible to attend Honors Biology and Honors Algebra I courses at nearby Bishop Canevin High School. Usually, these students go directly to Bishop Canevin High School for the first two periods of the class day and then return to St. Philip for the remainder of the school day for all other subjects.  Bus transportation is coordinated by parents and the various students' school districts.

This year, because of the pandemic, our participating 8th graders are taking the high school classes from Bishop Canevin through distance learning. They meet at the Library and take their special classes over Zoom. Congratulations to Everett Sargent, Rachel Boehm, Rachel McDevitt, Natalie Kirsch, Ryan Jameson, and  Tavon Lane who qualified for this great educational opportunity.

Around SPS This Week

·      The 8th grade did a fabulous job leading the GRACE program which highlighted the Feast of the Archangels and prayed for everyone enrolled for September

·      Everyone enjoys lunchtime, even if it means doing it with social distancing. There is no daily hot lunch,  but special sandwiches are offered on Wednesday and pizza on Friday!

·      All classes are observing social distancing but are covering all the subjects, including Spanish.

Week of October 4 2020