• Congratulations to our Middle School students who won a Fairchild Challenge Award. Special congratulations to Annalise Wrabley and Everett Sargent who worked hard at home to complete the last two challenges on their own. The Fairchild Challenge is an environmental education outreach program designed to give high school and middle school students an opportunity to investigate the thorniest environmental issues, devise imaginative and effective responses to these issues, and take action to address them. The Middle school tackled five challenges throughout the year.
  • During the month of May the kindergarten students get to be the Guest Readers. This week Regan Barry was our reader.
  • Students in 2A honored their mothers with a special gift from the heart.  Each child participated in a directed drawing online activity through the Zoom classroom.  After the session the children took the time to color their drawings and fill the background with descriptive adjectives and nouns to tell more about their mothers.  In addition, students prayed the Hail Mary and Guardian Angel prayers all week together, asking for blessings on their mothers.  These prayers were included in Spiritual Bouquet cards made by each child for his/her mother.  Blessings on all the SPS Mothers!
  • Our field trip this week celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima with a trip to the shrine in Portugal. Mrs Ravenstahl related the store of Our Lady’s appearance to Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco and took the students on a tour of the shrine that has been established since the first apparition on May 13th, 1917. Scenes of the special candlelight celebration with thousands of pilgrims was highlighted.
  • The annual plant sale went on as usual with social distancing being observed. Great job, SPS PTG !!!
  • Our students continue to send their home art projects to Miss McGaughey.
  • Allison Jula decided to wear her uniform this week to “finish strong” and look like she was really in school.  She even dressed her doll in the uniform AND Angel Pin! Sweet!
  • The students and parents have been showing their appreciation in various ways for the hard work the teachers have been doing during the pandemic. This week, Mrs Ravenstahl’s parents and students put together a thank you video with each child drawing a picture showing appreciation for her efforts.

Virtual Learning - Week 8