The SPS Virtual School News – Week 9


  • We continued to celebrate Mass together. This week on Ascension Thursday.
  • 3A had a special “Show and Tell Day” Friday, May 15, in our Zoom classroom. Students were able to share anything they wanted us to know more about. After each sharing, there was time for question and answers. Here are the things that were shared:

Elaina shared her older brother, Aidan, a theater enthusiast and an alumni of St. Philip, and her awesome fish tank.

Hunter shared his older sister, Paige who had a class scheduled soon after ours and also an alumnus of St. Philip, and his huge, black dog, Snoop.

Lucas shared his younger sister with beautiful red hair, Leina, his well-behaved dog, Daphne, and a cool fossil he found while fishing.

Anna shared her dog, Sandy, who looked just like Annie's “Sandy”, and who just sat so still and calm on her lap, and she shared her first grade sister, Sadie.

Arianna also shared her first grade sister, Ryleigh, and a sculpture of a tree made of recycled computer wires.

Nico shared his younger sister, Italia, who just celebrated her birthday and made a debut appearance on “Pittsburgh Today Live” to show off her virtual soccer skills.

Maddie shared her 2 favorite stuffed animals, and some very cool masks that her aunt made (her aunt also made one of the stuffed animals).

John shared his 4 month old brother, Henry Arthur Poppert, born January 19, 2020, and even made him smile.

Eden shared her super furry Old English Sheep Dog, Scout, who was so big that looked like she could ride him.

Maria also shared her very cute and furry dog named Piper who was enjoying the beautiful day outside.

Mrs. Peterson showed off her Beagle, Cookie, with some quick tricks, but soon ran out of treats.

At the very end, we tried our best to get a screen shot of all of our “show and tell” items, but unfortunately, some were uncooperative. We did our best! It was nice to learn more about each other, and to finally see the things that we had talked about all year!

  • The field trip this week was to the Kennedy Space Center where the students learned about the history of space flight, the future projects planned for space exploration, and the co-existence of our most advanced technology with endangered species of wildlife.
  • Miss McGaughey’s art classes continue to brighten up our Covid confinement with their artwork.

Virtual Learning - Week 9