This Week at SPS

  • This week we celebrated the April GRACE program and prayed for those enrolled with a special recognition of St Joseph.This is the Year of St Joseph. We are honoring St Joseph because of his remarkable Belief in God. Joseph only heard God in the quietest of ways, dreaming of angels and hearing God’s instructions while he slept. Our ceremony highlighted the “four dreams” in which St. Joseph received a message from God and followed His command.
  • During Gym class, KB played “Duck, Duck, Goose,” in the sunshine but was becoming overly distracted by the amount of dandelions surrounding the grass they were playing in. Carter Ranick suggested we pick the flowers and give them to Jesus (the statue of the crucifix in the cemetery). The rest of the class responded enthusiastically, so we ditched the game and spent a few minutes running around, collecting flowers, and dedicating them to the statue for our love for Jesus. 
  • Second grade students in 2A and 2B have been studying fossils in science. The classes started off identifying fossils as plant or animal remains. Then, they made their own fossils after a brief nature hike around school grounds. That led to extensive research of dinosaur fossils and paleontology.  The unit culminated in research reports on fourteen different dinosaurs and an at-home project including movie posters, paintings, and dioramas.  Each student presented research and projects to his/her respective classes.  All in all, it was a huge success! 
  • Kindergartentook a nature walk for our senses. We walked around the church and listened for the sounds of nature. We then sat in the green and drew our findings.
  • 4B made posters to showcase new and different way to pray! Some included out in nature, in class, before bedtime, on the bus or a birthday party

Week of April 26