• December GRACE Program – Our December Grace Program took the form of a Novena. The children learned that a Novena is a nine day prayer that asks God to grant us special favors. The theme of our Novena focused on the religious significance of the decorations we use on Christmas such as angels, candy canes, lights, candles, and evergreens. Each day during our novena, we learned about a Christmas symbol and its special meaning as a sign of Jesus. The names of all those enrolled in the December GRACE Program were read daily during our Christmas Novena held the nine school days before Christmas.
  • Grade 4 sponsored a Christmas Hat Day.
  • We had two “Snow Days” this week. Because of our technology improvements, we no longer cancel school for bad weather. We just switch over to virtual learning! We even had music class during our snow days.
  • While we were in school, 1A went on a walking field trip. 
  • All classes have been working hard on Art projects before the beginning of Christmas vacation.

Week of December 13