• Miss McGaughey  taught the third graders how to “sing,” the song Jesus Loves Me, in sign-language. They sounded and looked pretty great! See them sing it on our Website
  • In 2B, we are learning our basic facts in a fun way!  We each have a laminated card with ninety-six 2-digit numbers on it. Then, we use a deck of cards. We take out all of the face cards.  We turn over two cards and add them in our head!  Then we mark the space on our card. The object of our game is to. cover a whole row!  Because the cards are laminated, and we are using dry-erase markers, we can erase and play again.  Students are having fun and learning the basic math addition facts at the same time!
  • Mrs. Markewinski read Sneezy the Snowman and Bug Soup for Kindergarten. She was their first guest reader. Of course, this was over zoom.
  • In 7th grade this week we are learning about cells! The students were able use microscopes to get a first -hand look at cells up close. We looked at a banana, leaf, and pencil shavings under the microscope!
  • Jack from 4B read his book he created on how to build a snow ramp to the class.
  • The second graders at SPS are preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  As we prepare, we are reminded of our baptismal promises. Since most of us don't actually remember our baptism, the second graders did a project to interview their parents about their own baptisms.  They brought in photos, a sacramental or item from their Baptism, and a letter from their parents telling them about their big day. The posters were hung proudly in the halls of SPS, reminding us every time we went to lunch of how special our Baptisms were and what we are preparing for next, Reconciliation and First Communion.

Week of January 11, 2021