• K1 is learning about all kinds of shapes 2D and 3D. We went on a shape walk to explore the different types of shapes we could find around our school and church. We also built our own models of squares that we turned into a cube. During science we learned all about rainbows and colors. This is us exploring different colors outside. 
  • Third grade participated in the “Virtual Schooltime with the Pittsburgh Symphony” program. The recorded concert program included a series of chamber performances, demonstrations, and interviews of the musicians. It highlighted the unique characteristics and sounds of woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments. We heard pieces performed from Mozart, Scott Joplin and many others. What a real treat for third grade. We had our own virtual performance by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra!
  • Third grade created posters and artwork based on our reading unit. The theme of the unit focused on the importance of reusing items instead of throwing them away. Each student had to create a poster encouraging others to do just that. Some ideas they suggested were: painting an empty can and using it as a pencil holder, using old glass bottles as vases, spice holders or something to display a treasured item in, turning milk jugs into bird feeders, and reusing masks as hammocks for hamsters or squirrels. We also created art mobiles using wire hangers, string and old materials that would have been thrown away. One of the mobiles created by Madelyn Bartko, included old CD's with inspirational messages written on them. Another mobile created by Avery Sinicrope, used empty water bottles that were painted and turned into colorful jellyfish, even using the caps for eyes!
  • 4A went for a walk with Mrs. Jozwiakowski for gym. They ended up watching the street clearer truck and waving to the passing busses.
  • During science we learned all about rainbows and colors. They then went exploring different colors outside. 

Week of March 29