The kindergarten, first and second grade students took a field trip to the TourEd Mine in Tarentum, PA.  Students were able to experience what it was like to be a coal miner in the 1850s and today. Tour guides are real coal miners who treated students to an amazing, educational tour 160 feet below the earth's surface. Students were able to see operating mine machinery and how it has advanced over the years.  Most interesting was riding in the coal car 3/4 mile below the surface!  In addition to the tour, students had a chance to visit the Tour-Ed Museum that has thousands of authentic, historical pieces on display for our visitors. It’s not just a coal miners museum, there are many general store items, countless tools and unique antiques. In fact, the museum houses one of the most extensive and unusual collections of antiques in Pittsburgh. It was the “coalest” field trip, for sure!