St. Philip Roman Catholic School Update

As the first week ends, I have to say the old phrase “that isn’t the way we have always done it,” never rang so clear this week. From a new entry procedure for students, new faculty, new technology, mask rules, covered water fountains, directional arrows, up and down stairway designations, lunch without hot food, AND virtual students attending class via the internet, and the list goes on. However, WE MADE IT.

For the first time in six months St. Philip School is back up and running. This year we have made the move to becoming a “one-to-one” school, which simply means all students have their own Chromebook or iPad to access web based applications that accompany our math and language arts curriculum as well as several other web based programs used in our classes. In addition, this move means that when the snow flies and weather delays or cancellations occur, we will be able to hold class via the internet for all students and best of all… no snow make up days.

There are several items we are still addressing, including the purchase of additioinal wireless connections for the classrooms that will allow greater speed for the computers and should eliminate the delays in loading information and stop the “kick-offs” of students when the system gets over worked.  Thanks to the Day-of-Giving we can address these needs which will total over $15,000. Thank you to all those that participated!

As parents may know the drinking fountains are covered in the school and students are not allowed to use them. However, with the help of Dorothy Kraemer we have located touchless water bottle refilling stations and we will be installing them as soon as they arrive. Students will be able to refill their bottles at three different locations in the school. When the COVID restrictions are lifted, students can continue to refill their bottles AND get a drink from the fountain… like the “old days.”

I will continue to update you on our adventures as the year progresses.


Dr. Brian M. Dougherty