Middle School Musical

(Available to grades 6 - 8)

St. Philip’s acclaimed Middle School Musical is in its 28 year of productions. Due to the huge support for this highly popular program, the SPS Theater Department is able to license professional musicals in forms appropriate for middle schoolers to perform. Auditions are held each November, and the cast list is posted by early December. Students rehearse from January-May with performances usually occurring mid-May. 

Through the decades, the Middle School Musical has helped thousands of students develop the self-confidence needed to speak, present or perform in front of an audience. In addition, countless alumni of the program have gone on to shine in their high school musicals, where many have also been featured in Gene Kelly-Award nominated or winning productions and/or individual roles.  Participation in the musical also provides opportunity to make new friends, and discover and develop hidden talents.  

Those students who do not wish to perform onstage are encouraged to get involved as production assistants, stage crew staff, or as artists on the set design team.  

This year's Musical is Little Mermaid

Performace Dates: May 13-15, 2020 at BC at Bishop Canevin HS      7:00PM 


(Available to Grades 4 - 8)

Band class is offered twice weekly in the Fine Arts Suite.  Each instrumental section meets once separately, and the entire band meets once as a group.  These classes prepare the students for two annual band concerts – one each Christmas and springtime.  Instruments include clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, oboe, flute and percussion, and groups are divided by Beginning Band and Advanced Band.  In addition, students excelling at their individual instrument are given the opportunity to audition for the Pittsburgh Diocese Honors Band. 

Band Instruction is offered through a cooperative arrangement with Bishop Canevin High School. Band is a program separate from the regular curriculum and lessons take place during the regular school day. All band members can participate with the Bishop Canevin Marching Band. 

The cost of the program is $200.00 per year and payments are due at the start of the semester. 

Fifth Grade Recorder Concert

This long-standing SPS tradition is the result of a yearlong curriculum in Music Class in which all 5th grade students learn to play the recorder. The instrument is theirs to keep, and the concert takes place annually in conjunction with the Spring Band Concert. The recorder program ensures all SPS students get exposed to basic music-reading skills as well as to the joys and rewards of learning how to play a musical instrument. 

Talent Show

(Available to Grades K - 8)

This beloved show is performed twice on the same Friday each Spring.  The daytime show is presented for the student body, and the evening show is presented for family. Students from all grades are encouraged to participate, and the show is emceed by students in Grade 5 or higher as an added opportunity.  School students look forward with great anticipation to performing either individually or as part of a group.  The program is intended to help children develop self-confidence and to promote and celebrate all of the many individual talents of our student body.  Sign-up forms are sent home beginning in January and practices are held on a rotating basis until show day.

Seasonal Performances

Christmas/Advent Program Grades 1- 5 present a musical prgram with a christmas or Biblical theme.

Christmas Spanish Service – Integrating Spanish curriculum with faith formation, this program features performances from all students in Grades K-8.  The service includes a narration and reenactment of the Christmas story, liturgical dancers, musicians, and solo and group singing in Spanish.  

Middle School Shadow Stations – Beautiful in its solemnity, this annual re-enactment in shadow tableaux of the Stations of the Cross is always a moving and memorable experience for all in attendance. Eighth graders serve as narrators, liturgical dancers, soloists, and re-enactors, while Sixth and Seventh grade students participate as singers and musicians.