October - November Edition of the Trojan Times

“Spirit Walk: Success!”
By Lizzie Fuchs & Marli Hornack
Photos: Lilliana Peterson and Charles Colantonio

“SPS we are the best” they shouted! St. Philip School participated in a Spirit Walk on October 9, 2019. Every year St. Philip celebrates the annual walk for the spirit and we are representing our school. This tradition began around 2007 and we have always walked around Crafton. St. Philip does the Spirit Walk to show pride and show people spirit for our school.

St. Philip School faculty, students, representatives, and parents dressed up in their best green and white apparel. The fire department, Crafton police, and many SPS supporters walked and rode with the students. St. Philip sold more than enough signs to raise a good amount of money for activities. The cheerleaders came down the driveway with all the students watching them and leading loud and proud cheering, “Let’s goooo Trojans!” We walked around Crafton cheering for ou school to make sure everyone heard about our amazing, awesome, excellent, and fantastic school. Students wore uniforms for sports, such as volleyball, soccer, and track jerseys.People brought green and white pom-poms and Shae Trombetta made her own shoes to show our green and white colors. Also, they wore new SPS apparel. Buy some to support SPS! Just imagine 200 kids walking and shouting. Well, that was the report on the Spirit Walk 2019.


“Duolingo Competition”
by Everett Sargent 7B

               The middle school has recently started using Duolingo, a free language learning app. It is free and it is easy to learn a language. Each student has an account and Mr. Baker weekly uploads their scores onto several leaderboards.

               The first competition is the Class Competition. The scores for this are each student’s scores added to make their class total. There are also weekly weighted, or average, student score scores are updated weekly to keep everyone up to date on the leaderboard.

               Next, there is our Student Competition. Every student’s individual score is compared and ranked. The highest-ranked students are placed into the top ten slots. The top ten are checked weekly and updated if needed.

               The last competition I am discussing is the Middle School versus Mr. Baker Competition. This competition started in the Second Quarter and is different from the last two in a few ways. First, students will be competing individually against Mr. Baker. Second, students will be competing for a prize. The reward for beating Mr. Baker and getting the highest score will be a free test past to be used during the Third Quarter.



“JV Soccer Team”
By Lienna Bassano 5A
October 23, 2019

               Dribble! Pass! Score! This is the recipe for the perfect play. It sounds easy, but it isn’t always. You need skill, aggressiveness, and wit. This is what Coach Wrabley teaches us. Coach teaches us to never give up and to play to your best. Coach Wrabley is the JV coach. The team practices about two or three times a week since early August. The team does passing drills (Brazilians), running drills, and scrimmages.

               The team has had some wins, but also some losses. The team doesn’t give up and practices under Coach Wrabley and Assistant Coaches Patterson and Bittner’s leadership.

               The season is coming to an end this weekend, but there is still a chance for us making playoffs!


“Forensic Tournament”
Katelyn Miller 6A
October 28, 2019

               Forensics is a really fun thing to do. Forensics can help you with reading aloud, word pronunciation, and can provide you with self-confidence. A lot of people probably don’t know how it will help them. This essay will tell you what Forensics is all about. I hope you will enjoy this article.

               Forensics can help you read aloud. A lot of people might be scared to read aloud, but Forensics will help you with that. People might be scared for a variety of reasons. There were lots of people that were probably scared when they first started. After a while, they got better and more confident. Forensics really does help with reading aloud.

               Forensics can also help with word pronunciation. A lot of people might mispronounce some words, which is okay. People also might slur their words. In Forensics, you will eventually learn how to pronounce words and not slur you words. Forensics will help you with that.

               One last thing Forensics will help you with is self-confidence. Self-confidence plays a big role in Forensics. You should tell yourself that you can do it. You should never doubt yourself and say that you can’t do it. Self-confidence will help you throughout your life.

               After reading this article, you should consider doing Forensics. If you do all these things, you will be really good at Forensics. You also have to practice a lot, too. If you are interested, please go see Mrs. Huth, or any current Forensic students.

Tournament results:

               Our Forensics team did well at the St. Philip School Tournament. We didn’t place as a team, but we still made a great showing. Here are our individual placings:

               Poetry: Everett Sargent-2, 1rst
               Prose: Nasi Edgos-2, 2nd,  Hope Avery-1rst & 2nd, Alice Och- 1rst and 3rd
               Drama: Cooper Anselm-1rst, Lillianna Peterson, 1rst, Sean Kelsch-1rst, Julianna Umalin-1rst,
                              Eva Lowder-1rst & 2nd
               Declamation: Katelyn Miller-2, 1rst
               Multiple Reading: Hannah Hayes, Averie Strohm, & Shae Trombetta – 1rst & 2nd
               John Henry Luke, Isabella Malloy, Gianna Marino, Presley Holmes, & Maslen Anselm- 2, 2nd

Good Job St. Philip Forensics Team!


“The 8th Grade Girls Volleyball Recognition”
By Cooper Anselm
October 15, 2019

On October 13th, Annalisse Wrabely, Julianna Umalin, and Violet Chabala were recognized at the girls’ volleyball 8th-grade recognition event.

Violet has been playing volleyball since 5th grade. She will be attending Bishop Canevin for high school. Her favorite part about the season was “all the fun practices.”

Annalise has been going to St. Philip for 9 years, and has been playing volleyball since 5th grade. She will be attending Our Lady of Sacred Heart (OLSH) for high school. Her favorite part of the season was “making up dances at practice and always having fun even though we didn’t win every game.”

               Julianna has been going to St. Philip for 8 years. She will be attending Bishop Canevin for high school. Her favorite moment this season was “dancing around the court every time they scored a point.”

Coach Samantha Kelsch has been coaching them for the last two years. These girls have been outstanding students and we wish them all good luck in high school.


“The Egyptian Projects”
By Katelyn Miller

The Egyptian Projects for the 6th grade were a success! Each project looked really cool. Some of the projects were an Egyptian crown, King Tut’s Death Mask, and a map of Africa. Each project looked like it took a lot of time and effort. For the project, it had to be 3D and a paragraph had to be written to explain what the project was. 6th Grade did really well with the projects.

“The Living Rosary”
By Cate Ravenstahl

The living rosary was a beautiful event! In remembrance of the Month of the Rosary, Isabella Malloy and Sean Kelsch led the school in prayer. Grades 3-8 each took a turn to lead a decade of the rosary. We said the names of all fifty states as we prayed the Hail Marys. We prayed for the sick and the people who have a new life with God, as well as others who asked for our prayers. It was nice to see so many students participating and saying the decades in honor of Respect Life Month and the Month of the Rosary.




“Chocolate Covered Strawberries”
By Hannah Hayes

- Milk Chocolate
- Fresh Strawberries
- White Chocolate

First, you need to clean the strawberries.
Then, you need to dry them.
After that, heat up your milk chocolate.
Then, you dip your strawberries in the chocolate.
Next, let them dry.
While they are drying, heat up the white chocolate.
Last, get a spoon, put it in the white chocolate and drizzle it over the strawberries.

And that’s it!


“Chocolate Pretzels”
Hayley McKee

You can use chocolate melts for chocolate and you get pretzels. Dip pretzels in chocolate, freeze them to your liking.

Angel Cake Recipe:


  • 240 grams of flour
  • 180 grams of granulated sugar
  • 12 grams of baking powder
  • 2 pinches of salt
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 110 grams of vegetable oil
  • 60 grams of water
  • 120 grams of orange juice
  • 1 orange (grated for zest)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 6 egg whites


Preheat oven to 160° Celsius (320° Fahrenheit). Fan. Cooking time 60 minutes.


“Halloween Cupcakes”
By Cate Ravenstahl



Dashell Sargent

Frankie Schlatterer

Brody Schuck